!!RedmoonTwisted's recent changes and updates!!

!Beneath the list is an explanation for the change of the Downtowns!

Here's a list of things we have edited or added:

- NEW ITEM ADDED!! "Fortune Tickets" will now drop. If you use the "Fortune Ticket" you will receive a mail which contains a random item!

- BD passes changed into Golden Apples. We are going to use the Apples for (monthly) auctions.

- Signus DX-1 map changed into a Single Attacker map. This means more experience, increased stats, less spawn and a longer respawn time.

- Signus AX-1 drop fixed.

- Poison Pills are going to fade over time to prevent people from keeping them to themselves.

- Downtown1 spawn changed. The map will mostly contain Spy3's and Mutants.
On the left top of the map will be Snipers(Also some random across the map). [Edit: Super Snipers deleted]

- Downtown2 spawn changed. The map will mostly contain Snipers.
The Commando's have been deleted(See "Downtown3").

- Downtown3 spawn changed. The honored Commando's from Downtown2 will now spawn on the left of Downtown3.

- Schooldungeon1 spawn changed. A few more honored monsters and slightly increased experience.

- Schooldungeon2 spawn and experience increased.

- Sahara1 spawn increased. The "Skeleton area" has been increased.

- Himalayas also drop Tau and some Blue Capsules. Collect the Blue Capsules to sell for Tau on Signus!

- Sky experience increased a little.

- Signus CX-1 spawn doubled.

- A new Sunsets and Durability drop system which will give everyone the opportunity to find them.
(They are rare).
- We will no longer be giving Egg's. (Maybe only at some of the events).

- Colored Mutants' stats decreased to the orignal Mutants' stats.

- Quicks drop has been decreased a little bit.

- The prices of Dura trader have been increased for some items and all stocks have been increased!

!Why change the Downtowns?!

After alot of Redmoon experience and some research we came to the conclusion that about 80%-90% of the
players skip "Backyard". We've thought about this and discussed this with some of the players.
The whole idea now goes like this:

Arround level 40+ most players go to JunkYard. They will level there untill about level 100-120.
At level 100+ it will get pretty slow for almost all characters, except for
Azlar(and maybe Jarexx who gets an area attack at level 100).
From what we've experienced players don't like to kill Cyborgs, Jesters, Dragon Infantry's and
some Mutants untill they are strong/fast enough to take the Downtowns. This is especially an issue
for Single-attackers. With this information we came up with the idea to change the Downtowns:

At level 100+ you now can go to Downtown1, which will spawn mostly spawn random Mutants and Spies.
Make sure you can take Sniper hits, because there will spawn a few random Snipers(Mostly honored ones).

Afterwards you can do Downtown2, but if you aren't sure about taking all those Snipers constantly,
you can go to the top left of Downtown1 which will spawn a bunch of Snipers.
Downtown2 mostly spawns Snipers so be sure to have enough power.
The Commando's have been deleted(See [Downtown3]), so you can level across the whole map!

If you are confident enough to take Commando's, you can go Downtown3 and so on.
Downtown3 will now spawn the honored Commando's which were deleted from Downtown2.
Their spawn area starts at the top left and reaches till about the middle left of the map.

If you have any questions or suggestions, always feel free to mail to GMTwist@hotmail.com!

We hope you like this new idea!

Thanks for reading.

- RedmoonTwisted's GameMaster/GameCounselors -