RedmoonTwisted's Faq

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1. Do GM's give items or eggs/SL?
No, GM's do not give items or eggs/SL. Only sometimes GM's give eggs at events.

2. Can you upgrade the experience?
We can, but we won't. The experience is already upgraded to 1.5x original experience.

3. Do Uniques and Sunsets drop?
Yes, they drop. Uniques have a limit, but we upgrade the limit everythime we get some new players, so everyone has a change of finding Uniques. Though as the word says, they are Unique. The Sunset drop is unlimited, but still rare to find.

4. Let Uniques fade -1 color every day?
We thought about this and we discussed this with a few players. We came to the conclusion we won't let Uniques fade every day(Atleast not for now).

5. Increase the Unique limit?
As mentioned above, we increase the limit every now and then when new players come in. This is fair for everyone and the Uniques will stay Unique. So no, we won't just increase the Unique limit.

6. Are there any guides to help me get started?
Yes, there is a guide in your Redmoon folder, but it's best to ask things on forums. Other players can help you out even better!

7. Is this server free to play?
Yes, this server is free to play for everyone! Though, donations are always welcome! We are financing the server out of our own pocket now and we are doing ok. Maybe in the future we need some small donations to keep on going.