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Friday 28th of March, 2008. - Vote! -
The vote system is up and running again! Let's make sure to vote very day so we go up in the top where we came from!

Tuesday 25th of March, 2008. - Auction and Event! -
As promissed, we will be having an Auction event with the Golden Apples which you got instead of the Battle Dimension Passes. The event will take place at Friday 28th of March at 6pm GMT. Click here for the list of items which will be offered at the Auction. This weekend(after the auction) we will be having an Extra Experience event as well! Invite your friends, tell others or make sure to get more players for this event! Everyone who comes to the auction will get 4.4 buffs from the GM's!!

Thursday 20th of March, 2008. - Last patch! -
Click here for the latest patch! This final patch finished all our changes to the server for now. If you want to see what we have changed click here

Tuesday 18th of March, 2008. - Patch information! -
Click here for information about the new patch and the incoming patch!

Monday 17th of March, 2008. - NEW PATCH -
We released a new patch! You MUST download the client from the link below to play. This patch contains some changes like now the 4.4 skills added!! We have done this for you to test the skills and later on we will add the maps and the monsters. There are still some bugs that need to be fixed for the new maps. We will keep you updated! download the client HERE. Make sure to extract the download to C:\Redmoon!

Wednesday 12th of March, 2008. - Event and changes! -
We will be having a Monster Invasion again, but this one will be a bit different. For more information take a look at the forums. The event will last for 3 days from friday morning 7am GMT untill Monday morning 7am GMT.
Take a look at the changes.

Monday 3rd of March, 2008. - Changes and updates! -
Here's the list!

Monday 25th of February, 2008. - Monster invasion ended! -
The Monster invasion event went fine. Alot of satisfied players! Read forums for our updates and idea's! The vote link is refreshed, so we will have to start from scratch again. Enjoy!

Wednesday 20th of February, 2008. - Monster invasion! -
This weekend we will be having a Monster invasion event! Read more by clicking here.

Saturday 16th of February, 2008. - Event. -
We are sorry that the monster invasion didn't start yet. It was supposed to be the next weekend. We will compensate this by having a few hours of Extra experience at sunday 17th. The monster invasion will be next weekend. Sorry for this, enjoy!

Thursday 7th of February, 2008. - Domain/site change -
Finally we have as our domain for the site. The site looks almost the same, but just a little better to add things on for us. Send us screenshots to put in the picture-slider!

Wednesday 6th of February, 2008. - Site update -
Send us your idea's, suggestions and screenshots! Send them to or post them on the forums! Vote for us everyday! The rankings will be here a.s.a.p! The site has been updated for some sections, you might want to read.
Monday 4th of February, 2008. - Events have ended -
We hope you enjoyed the events! Hopefully the players who couldn't make it to the Auction are satisfied as well. If you want to see some screenshots of the event, click here.
Thursday 31st of January, 2008. - Server reboot/event dates -
The server's re´nstallation went perfectly. Because you have been patient we want to thank you by having an Extra experience event! It will take place this sunday. The auction event will be held this Friday at 10pm GMT. More information about the Events here.

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