RedmoonTwisted's story

Far from Earth, in the distant depths of space, a star saw the strength of man's inner spirit grow on the planet Signus. Among this advanced race of beings, a small number of individuals rose to power through the development of psychic skills that allowed them to communicate telepathically and even teleport across the vast reaches of space. But long ago a prophet had foretold that with power comes pride, out of which would grow evil. And so, it was Aguilas who brought a reign of tyranny and terror to Signus. With their planet standing in ruins, the people prayed for a savior who could free them from his rule. They hoped for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy that, from the fires of devastation, a hero, the true 'Sun', would come to save them. And so, Aguilas feared this "Sun".

The future of Signus is tied to the Earth over time and space. It is now your turn to live out this story, traveling from present-day urban Earth through deserts and mountains, and eventually out across space to war-devastated Signus. Do you have the courage and strength of will to grow beyond a pale red moon and become the one true "Sun", bringing life and hope to a barren land?

The end...?

A few years later...

...While the "Sun" fought his way through the terror on Signus, everyone forgot about Earth. Only few were left on Earth to protect the planet. This gave Aguilas the opportunity to raise a bigger and stronger army on Earth on places which were hidden. At one place Aguilas destroyed all the robots, rebuild alot stronger ones and dumped the parts he didn't need in the MechanicalJunkYard.

Some of the bravest SpyMasters discovered something strange in the basement of the SpyHouse...
...You want to find out what they found?

Focused on the planet Earth, the "Sun" couldn't handle it alone. We need you all to stop Aguilas army which is spreading through the valley in Signus and even through the dungeons in Sky! It's your turn to help the "Sun" protect both planets and free the village which used to be the village of Freedom!!